ABX promoters bring together decades of experience in setting up and operating financial exchanges in the region and internationally. This uniqueness of ABX shall be its core strength to achieve the objective of establishing a seamless, secure and liquid digital assets eco-system in the region.

GMEX Group is a set of companies that offer leading edge innovative solutions for a new era of global financial markets by being a global provider of innovative multi-asset exchange trading and post trade business solutions and technology ecosystems. Our key business solutions enable the creation and operation of cost effective electronic exchanges and post trade infrastructure in multiple asset classes including equities, debt, FX, derivatives, commodities, cryptocurrencies and digital tokenised assets.

The GMEX Market Advancement Programme (MAP) is all about partnerships and creating an ecosystem with exchanges and post trade market infrastructure operators to deliver centralised, decentralised & hybrid solutions in a collaborative fashion.

GMEX Group is comprised of:

  • GMEX Technologies - Provider of multi-asset traditional and digital exchange trading and post trade technology through a unique partnership driven approach

  • GMEX Fusion - Hybrid centralised & Blockchain Distributed Ledger solutions for trading & post-trade

  • GMEX Innovation – Technology as an Enabler - Research & Development of technologically advanced product solutions for exchange trading, clearing and settlement

  • GMEX Services - Strategic consultancy, implementing services & support for exchanges and market infrastructure providers across asset classes including digital tokenised assets

  • GMEX Investments - Selective seed and strategic early stage equity and token investment into market infrastructure and related FinTech companies

For more information visit www.gmex-group.com or follow us on Twitter @GMEX_Group

Arshad Khan, Co-Founder & CEO

Arshad Khan has diverse expertise in the complete financial markets eco-system and the technology behind it. Being at the helm of several financial exchanges, from inception, he has detailed insight in areas of technology, operations, products, regulations, strategy, finance and marketing. He pioneered the region’s first exchange hosted Islamic finance platform ‘Bait Al Bursa’ to facilitate Murabaha transactions. With 15+ years of experience in gulf countries he has established strong business relations with regional financial institutions and regulatory authorities.

In 2008 Arshad established Bahrain Financial Exchange (BFX), a multi-asset international financial exchange licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain, and BFX Clearing and Depository Corporation.


As a Board Member of the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) and its’ clearing corporation for 5 years, Arshad was part of the core team to establish the exchange in a record time of 12 months from conceptualisation to its launch in 2005. Before that he played a key role in the establishment of the Multi Commodity Exchange of India in 2003. He worked on opportunities to establish exchanges in Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar and Africa.

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